Traditional 11ft Tenkara Line

Tenkara USA's traditional tenkara lines have been developed to cast in perfect balance with tenkara rods - with power and precision - yet make the most delicate presentations you have ever seen. Traditional tenkara lines have the advantages of being supple for minimized drag and memory; they stretch to protect your rod and tippet, and do not absorb water for feather-like landing. These lines are ideal for very delicate presentations and quickest setup. Tenkara lines come with a transition loop on the thicker end, which will be girth-hitched to the tip of the tenkara rod, and an extender at the thinner end to extend the life of the line and prevent accidental clipping. The line comes in a package containing instructions and a spool to store your line. Tenkara USA lines are hand-woven by expert line-makers in the United States. Length: 11 ft Material: Premium monofilament. Transition loop: Soft Spectra® braid, 80lbs Extender: 3X equivalent monofilament with perfection loop

Traditional 10.5ft Tenkara Line
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  • Item #: ten11'
  • Manufacturer: Tenkara USA
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