Tenkara USA Rods


Tenkara USA Ito

Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4

The Ito is the newest, and longest rod in our lineup. It is arguably the most advanced and sweetest tenkara rod in the market, here or in Japan.

  • Price: $235.95

Tenkara USA Rhodo

Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4

The Rhodo™ is the lightest feeling tenkara rod made by Tenkara USA.

  • Price: $235.00

Tenkara USA Sato

Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4

The Sato is a compact and lightweight tenkara rod. At its shorter length it is perfect for tighter streams, and at its full length it will be ideal when the stream opens up.

  • Price: $235.00

Tenkara USA Iwana

Iwana 12ft. 6:4 Series II

The Iwana II features a longer handle with two gripping positions, a curved end for more comfortable gripping at the end, better quality cork and a redesigned endcap that will not spin out while fishing.

  • Price: $157.95