Tenkara USA Ito

The Ito is the newest, and longest rod in our lineup. It is arguably the most advanced and sweetest tenkara rod in the market, here or in Japan. It's a product of 2 years of design and experiments, where we strived to achieve a very long rod, with the lightest possible feel. A true delight to fish any mountain stream, even some pretty small ones. The Ito feels incredibly light at 13ft, as the balance is brought closer to the handle, and still very light at 14ft7in. The Ito features an innovative "zoom" function, which allows the angler to lock one segment in place to fish the rod either at 13ft length or, fully extended, at 14ft7in. The zoom locks both at the butt of the rod with a proprietary cap, and at the end of the handle segment. Having a rod that can be instantly extended an extra 2ft is a true asset in any mountain stream, even some of the smaller streams. A killer combination with a very long line in a large stream, or with a shorter line in a small stream. This is by far the most versatile rod we offer. The Ito is classified as a 6:4, but is a softer rod and was designed for your average 8" - 16" mountain stream trout. It has tackled a 19" trout without a problem during our testing, but is not recommended for targeting large fish (the Amago rod was designed for that purpose). We used the highest possible quality cork for the handle and only the finest components to make this our premium rod. The finish is also superb, being a matte black with a gradient dark blue block at the end of each segment. This is the best value on a tenkara rod you'll find anywhere. *rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated due to the telescopic nature of the rods Specs: Length: 13ft - 14ft7in Finish: Matte Black with dark blue sections Segments: 9 (can be fished as 8) Closed length: 25.8inches (65.53cm) Handle length: 12inches (30.48cm) Weight: 4.1oz (116g) - the balance of the rod makes it feel very light, and lighter than the Amago, which has a lighter net weight. Best line matches: Rod works very well with 3.5 level line up to 25ft and little wind. Works well with either traditional line. And, can be fished well with 4.5 level line up to 20ft.

Ito 13ft-14ft7in 6:4
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  • Manufacturer: Tenkara USA
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