Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spines

Tie animated baitfish patterns with ultra-lifelike action.

Individual sizes in each package.

Essentially a tapered daisy-chain, the Fish-Spine is a series of specifically-designed articulated shanks that allow you to create multi-jointed, highly articulated streamers, such as the revolutionary Chocklett’s Game Changer.

To tie your own Game Changer, simply combine the Fish-Spine with Chocklett's Body Wrap and ultra-realistic Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™. 

Quantity per pack: Individual sizes (24)

Ultra-lifelike movement
This method of daisy-chaining a series of articulated shanks allows for a level of realism that was previously impossible.

Highly customizable
Flies of various sizes and styles can be created through different combinations of shank lengths, hooks and materials.

Wrap it up
Game Changers have never been so easy to tie since the release of Chocklett's Body Wrap.

Stainless steel
For use in saltwater streamers.

Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine
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  • Manufacturer: Hareline Dubbin
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