Simple Fly Fishing Line and Leader

Patagonia teamed up with Cortland to build a unique level-floating .027’’ line specifically for our tenkara rods. Utilizing a small diameter hard mono with a supple PVC coating, this line is slightly stiffer than traditional tenkara products, allowing the line to drape greater distances from the rod tip with less sag and maximizing the effective distance an angler can cover. Each Tenkara line coil includes enough line to cut into a 20’ length for normal wet and dry fly fishing conditions, a 12’ length for small creeks and nymphing, with a remainder that can be used to extend your main line when desired. Comes with a pre-looped tapered 7.5’ 3x leader and complete rigging instructions.

  • 35-foot-length, level-floating .027” tenkara line; small diameter hard mono core with supple PVC coating
  • Slightly stiffer line drapes from rod tip with less sag
  • Pre-looped 7.5’ 3x tapered leader
  • 17 g (0.6 oz)
  • Made in USA.

Simple Fly Fishing Line and Leader
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  • Item #: PatagoniaLine
  • Manufacturer: Patagonia
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